The year, 1999 and Arena Pub & Restaurant was born. As a "baby" it took the management hectic days and night in running the daily operation of the business. Throughout the first few years, there were hundreds of problems to handle; hundreds of worries on hand, leaving everybody involved in a state of depression. However, with firm and strong determination to pull through against all odds, the owner, a young Balinese of noble family, Ida Bagus Alit Awathara Putra or better know as Gus Alit eventually managed to survive and win. A true reflection of an entrepreneur supported by professional team work! The Before and After is easy, it is the On-between that matters.
Today, this fabulous family restaurant has become the iconic dining scene in Sanur, a legend in its own right with international clientele ranging from expatriates to diplomats; professionals to executives; housewives to career women; hoteliers to airliners. The list goes on. They have made the place an avenue to gather within their own circle and meet new friends. A lifestyle to some extent. Arena become the best restaurant in bali and serve the best steak in bali. Winner of Tripadvisor Excellent Award.